Monday, February 11, 2013

New Comer - Happy Ducks

We have a new arrival at Lily Spring Farm.  A week or so ago we received a call asking if we could provide a home for an only remaining duck, whose companions were carried off by wild animals.  We said "YES!"  of course, and so an adorable Rouen/Mallard hen came to join my ducky flock.  She came with a name, but said name was already owned by one of the family :)  So I renamed her.

Meet Rosa!  Rosa enjoyed a quick bath inside before heading out to bed with what I hoped would be her new family:  Hans and Gretel, the Buffs. 

 I was a little worried the next morning when I went to let them out, not quite sure how the other two would react to the newcomer.  Thankfully Hans and Gretel acted as if they had always known Rosa, and as Rosa does not have a shy personality, they got along just fine.
They were happy Ducks, when the next day they woke up and found they could go swimming in their pen!!!  Not exactly planned...  But you will hear more about that in "the meltdown".


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