Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Party

Saturday evening we were very excited to have Grace, her husband Tim, and Julian over for a party.  A party to celebrate Grace's 27th Birthday (a day late:)
After showing them all our menagerie of animals, (Julian loved the ducklings and help me give them a bath) we had a scrumptious dinner, of Grace's selection.  

 [Grace showing Tim and Julian a video she had taken of Julian playing with the duckies]

 Julian was so excited to help Grace open her presents, the first one being dark chocolate of course! ;)

Some of us had to run off (farm-sitting season) right after dessert, but even so we had a wonderful evening celebrating another year in Grace's life.

We thank God for you, Grace;  for your creativity, gentle spirit, hard work ethic, and beautiful smile, and pray that God would bless you and your family abundantly, above all you could imagine, come up with or think of.

Love you Grace!!


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