Monday, March 11, 2013

By Leaps and Bounds Part 3: Multiplying like Rabbits

 So, on Monday last week we bought ducklings, on Tuesday we rescued a chicken, and on Wednesday.....

 we purchased Rabbits!! - four of them to be exact from some farming friends who no longer wanted the rabbits.  We had been thinking and discussing getting into the rabbit business for a little bit, but weren't sure if we were ready.  Nevertheless, last week three does, and one buck joined our farm, adding work and enjoyment as all animals do.  The Rabbits came with names, some of which we took the liberty to change.  The boy (pictured above) we re-named Buck-shot, or Buck for short.

 Josephine, the smallest of the does, has a pretty chinchilla coloration.

Then there is Flopsy (named after Peter Rabbit's sister of course).  She is big with a beautiful wild rabbit color.
Last, but not least, the biggest and most colorful of the girls.... has no name.  Well, some of us are calling her Brunhilda, while others say she is way too pretty of a rabbit for such a name, so we are still up in the air for this rabbits appellation.  Any suggestions?

There you have it, the last in many additions to Lily Spring Farm.  It makes you wonder... what's next?   Stay tuned and I will be sure to inform you of our next venture as soon as we find out about it. :)


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