Friday, March 08, 2013

Now Spring is coming... For sure

Spring is a fair season, she gives us many signs and warnings of her coming before she actually descends on us in all her intoxicating glory.  Sometimes it is as subtle as a scent on the breeze, the inconspicuous swelling of tree buds, or a small bit of green pushing it's way through still frozen ground.  Then it can also be startling, like a sudden early rainstorm, the deafening sound of rushing water where before there was just silent ice, or.....
the distinctive Oak-a-lee of the male Red-Wing Blackbird scouting out territory for nests.  The first sighting of these heralds of Spring, is always an event at our house to be marked on the calender, and captured on camera if possible.  The date for this year was Tuesday March 5th.

 As Josiah said, there is just something about the call of the blackbird that sends a shiver down your spine, and shouts forth more than anything else that Spring is indeed on it's way.

(All photos taken by Josiah T. Sauve)


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