Thursday, March 07, 2013

By Leaps and Bounds Part 2: Rescue and Rehabilitation

(Ever since March has come upon us, we seem to be collecting Animals by leaps and bounds.  So I decided to start a blog series focusing on this expanding part of our life.  So if you haven't read about my cheaper than a dozen, ducklings, then you can read about them in the Part 1.  Otherwise here is the story of our Tuesday animal.)
Tuesday morning we were privileged to add yet another animal to our growing "farm".  We had seen a message from a lady who had a chicken with an medical condition that she was told was incurable, and she wanted someone who knew how to "put down" her chicken.  Well, wanting to be helpful we gave her our number and told her we could take care of the chicken. 

 We went and met her in a TSC parking lot (dangerous place I know :P) and after looking at the chicken and talking to the lady, deducted that the chicken could most likely be "fixed".  But when we communicated this information to the lady, she told us that if we wanted to do that, fine, but she wanted no more to do with it!

So this beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte has come to make Lily Spring Gardens and Farm her home.  Right now she is in the Infirmary (which doubles as the Nursery, and also holds Germination Station, Worm House, and Meal Worm High rises and incubator)  and though requiring medical attention multiple times a day, seems to be doing alright, and hopefully with continual care will become a part of our main flock.

And that was just the second day of the week...... :)


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