Tuesday, March 05, 2013

By Leaps and Bounds Part 1: What You Can Buy for a $1.50

      As a lover and raiser of Ducks, I am constantly on the look out for opportunities to add to my flock.  After much thought and debate I had put in an order for laying ducks this spring, but they were not scheduled to arrive till the end of April.  So knowing I could fit in a batch of runner ducks (which I raise and sell for pets, layers, 4-H etc.) and desperately wanting to have some ducklings as soon as possible, I began to watch our local Tractor Supply Co.   
      Pretty soon an add on their website announced that Chick Days were here and of course Ducklings along with them!  The first chance I had, we ran into our local TSC and let out a sigh of delight in seeing these absolutely darling part of God's creation.  There were 2 bins just full of ducklings, as well as plenty of chick bins of course.  Alas, I only could enjoy looking at the ducklings within the confines of TSC, because they were outrageously priced.  $4.80 a bird!!  
      Well, being the resourceful person that I am :)  I had picked up the info last year that TSC received it's shipments of Ducklings on Tuesday or Wednesday.  So this past Monday I called the TSC and sweetly asked if they still had ducklings available.  
      "Yes," came the reply, "in fact we have lots of them!"   
      Quickly I followed up with the inquiry of price.  "O, well, if you come into today the ducklings are on special."  
      I held my breath hoping for a $1 but expecting $2, "Ummm, Steph how much are the ducklings?"  She asked a fellow worker. "Oh, they're 50 cents."  
      I was floored....  I desperately tried to keep my head on straight and asked the last and most important question.  "What breeds do you have?"   
      Without missing a beat, she replied, "both Pekins and Runners." 
      Needless to say, I was out the door as quick as possible with Charity and Josiah in tow and a promise to Mother that I wouldn't come back with more then 6 ducklings at max. We made it to TSC and I kept myself at a fast walk all the way to the bins.  They were still full!  
       As I stood there leaning on the gate and staring down at the little fuzzy beaks, one of the workers walking by and hoping to make a sale said "Hey, if you buy 2 I'll give you 2 free!"  Uhuh....
       It took all of my self-control NOT to come out of the store with every single duckling in the tub :)  I was a very good and mature girl and stuck to my word to Mumsie, strolling to the cash register with 6 precious bundles in my box.   The total for all this cuteness............................................................ $1.50
 Yup, each of these cost 25 cents, and somehow I got out of paying a sale tax :D

       So now I am the happy Mother of ducklings again.  At first they were pretty full time, screaming every time I left the room, but they soon settled down, and they have been so fun to watch and interact with.  They love cuddling, crawling as far as they can into the crook of my elbow.

Then last night they had the first swim of their little lives, and absolutely loved it!!  They eat and talk and drink and scream, and drink some more, and in between all of that they take naps.

It's so hard being a duckling.

 "Hey, are you watching me?  Cause I wasn't really sleeping!"

 Surprisingly the babies all got names almost right away.  Of course these monickers are temporary since I will sell them once they are grown up, but for now, let me introduce you to...
 Fritz, (the extremely chubby little dumpling on the left) and Freckles ( who though you can't see it in the picture has little black markings on his head and back)   Please ignore the blur in the right corner :)

 Vic (to be changed to Victor, or Victoria as needed) and Val.

 Vic, and Val are my sleepy ducklings and don't last to long on their feet before plopping down and taking a nap. :)

And last, but certainly not least...  Penny and Pip!  Penny is the smallest of the 6 but very friendly and sweet and one of the best swimmers ;)  Pip is extremely skinny and tall, and very curious.

 They have the funniest expressions.  This is Pips "Duh... Hey whats UP?" face.

 And Vic with his deliriously happy face.

(Fritz and Freckles saying Hi!)
So, if you need a baby animal fix, you know where to find me, and if you are in the running for ducks, come early May I will have some well socialized goofy Runner ducks for sale!!!


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Kyleigh said...

They're so darling! :) I'd love to have ducks someday, and when I have the chance I'll be coming to you for advice. :)