Friday, April 19, 2013

By Leaps and Bounds Part 5: Everywhere a Chick, Chick!

 So the April rush is upon us, and we are beginning to be well known at the post office.  Last week, of course, we picked up our Laying Chicks and while there the lady mentioned that she thought she recognized our name (from previous years of picking up chicks). Faith and I just smiled at each other and thought: just wait, you will be seeing a lot more of us!  So this week we returned, this time to pick up 108 little peepers!! 
 That's right, our garage is currently full with Josiah's first batch of meat chicks.   Right now they are so tiny, fluffy and cute, it is hard to imagine them growing up to be big, fat, tasty chickens.

 Sleeping, eating, drinking and some more sleeping pretty much fills up their schedule, interspersed with plenty of peeping.

Next week we will be back at what's becoming one of our favorite early morning destinations... the post office, picking up yet another batch of poultry, but they aren't chicks............


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