Saturday, April 20, 2013

Birthday Bash

The evening of April 18th found us all gathered in our basement with Josh and Theresa, celebrating Josh's 23rd Birthday.  Following are some photos from the event.
{The Cake}
Joshua asked for a cake in the shape of a shoulder mount white tail buck.  Usually the cake is either Mom or my project, but this year it was a joint effort, and all of the decorating (including detailed shading and effects) was done by Josiah!!

{Handsome man with his buck.}

{The Smolder}

{A Happy Guest}

{Mozart Chocolate: for musical chocolate lovers}

{A brand new, big and powerful Drill}

Sadie Rose helped out by doing away with the wrapping paper.

We are very thankful for how God has blessed Josh in the past few years, and pray that Josh would continue to grow as a man of God, husband, and leader.

Happy Birthday Josh!!!


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