Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Catching Up (By Leaps and Bounds Part: 6)

"Silence is golden"

And if this be true, then this blog has certainly been golden recently!
I do apologize for the lack of posts, and will try to quickly catch you up on what has kept us so busy and silent.   We just can't seem to stop collecting animals! :) ( first ducklings, then rabbits, then chicks, and more...) 2 weeks ago Wednesday morning  found us once again at the post office, picking up a box of live baby animals.
 13 darling ducklings came to live with us.  With the sweetest beaks, and little feet, they immediately were loved, and received many visitors to witness their cuteness.   I had to sell 2 of them, and now have 11 not-so-little-any-more ducklings, who I have affectionately dubbed, the elevensies!
Along with the ducklings came 9 Turkey poults we ordered, who surprised us with their curiosity,  friendliness, and...... stupidity. :)  You seriously had to teach them how to eat... goofy little birds.  They are quite the fliers, and we have had to put higher walls to keep them contained.  

So, that was one week at Lily Spring Farms.  Last week was even more exciting, but that will be another post all together.  (or several) Stay tuned!!


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