Friday, May 10, 2013

Last Week in Review

Alright, here is the second installment of catching up with our busy life.  Here you will find a very brief overview of events which I hope to post about in more details in the near future.  We will see....

It all started Sunday morning, when right before church we discovered that our Rabbit Brunhilda  whom we had bred, had decided that Sunday was the perfect day to kindle.  And of course she couldn't just have them calmly in the nice nesting box we provide for her... but more on that later.

Monday:  Since we really don't have enough laying chicks already, :) we picked up 4 adorable Lavender Orpingtons, that we had been longing to own.

The coming Saturday being Derby Day, Faith and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Banbury preparing for their large fundraiser event.  (I hope to get a full post on that soon to)

On Thursday directly after volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center, Faith and I ran off to Port Huron to help Aunt Carmen move all her furniture back into place, after having some beautiful Amish crafted wood flooring put in.

Right before and while we were gone, Sissy our big broody buff's eggs began to hatch!  So sweet!!

We were able to get home from Aunt Carmen's early Friday afternoon, and Faith did some gardening.  It WAS getting warmer, and feeling like planting season, but now.....

Finally, Saturday, the last day of the week:  I was at Banbury all day helping out with the Derby Day benefit  and was joined by Faith later on.  The rest of the family were working hard at home, because there is ALWAYS some project going on around here.


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