Saturday, May 11, 2013

By Leaps and Bounds Part 7: Multipication - Rabbit Style

As briefly mentioned in the post below, Sunday  morning (April 28th) was just a bit hectic.  Brunhilda, the first rabbit we bred, was due to have babies that weekend, but she hadn't been acting like a rabbit about to kindle should,  OR at least the way we thought a rabbit about to kindle should act. :)  Well long story short, Brunhilda had one baby on the bars of the cage, before she figured out she was having babies and then settled in her nesting box, like a proper rabbit!  Thankfully, we found the first baby bunny quickly and brought it in and warmed it up before returning it to its mother, and.... siblings!
 Brunhilda ended up with 7 healthy kits! (not counting some stillborn etc.)  After all 7 is the number of perfection!

 At first the babies weren't all that adorable, being pink and black little hairless mousy looking things.

 Even after they started getting their fur, I thought they resembled a Hippo more than a Rabbit! :)
{Hippo with bunny ears??}
 But....  after 1 short week, the darling little things started looking like baby bunnies and everyone that saw them fell in love!
The little rabbit above nearly went home with his new friend.

By the following Wednesday the little Rabbits were just opening their eyes, and we decided it was time for their first outing.  We piled them all in a basket and headed down to our neighbors to visit Miss Sarah on her Birthday!

The visit was a success on all sides!   The little Rabbits are in the sweet cuddly beanie-baby stage, before they begin to be bouncy, trouncy, and unmanageable.

The trip went so well, that the Rabbits went out visiting the next day as well.  As you can see in the picture, they have the cute posing thing down pat! :P

{Lap-full of bunnies}
With their eyes now open, they will be sure to start exploring.  Before long they will be big enough to go outside and then sold to their new homes.   But for now we are enjoying the novelty of the little furry bundles, and love showing them off to anyone that is interested!


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