Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Growing Up and a Few Additions

Time flies, and here at the farm everything is growing up!  Those baby bunnies whose eyes "just" opened....
Yup, they have grown up, and are no longer sleepy little things that just lay around.

Fluffy, fuzzy, active, adorable, long eared, big footed...
ear scratching bunny dolls!

They are SO grown up, they are even eating grass now!!

See!!?  Mmmm...  Yummy green stuff!  
(can anyone quote with me.. "Eating greens is a special treat, it makes long ears and great big feet... but it sure is awful stuff to eat!  *I made that last part up myself*)  :)

But, the bunnies aren't the only things that have been growing up.
Meet the Elevensies!  Once upon a time they were tiny, fuzzy, and cute ducklings.  Now they are medium, soft, handsome and beautiful Ducks!  They still have a little bit of growing up to do, but they certainly are maturing quite well, and a bit too fast for their "Momma's" liking.

They swim in the pond by themselves.

And sleep out in their very own duck coop.

They are in their awkward teenage stage at the moment and only let themselves be petted or approached when there is food around. :)

{Miss Willow, above, is turning into a very beautiful duck, but I am absolutely stumped on what breed she is!)

While everyone is growing up and moving on, we replaced them with more "littles" indoors.  All 12 of my Pekin eggs hatched, unassisted, and were absolutely healthy!!

I was more then shocked, and since we didn't have room to keep the whole dozen, I am selling some to make space.  In fact at the moment, the Pekin ducklings are the only birds in the house, and they have even been banished to the porch!

 That is right, the laying chicks are now pullets and have graduated to living out in the Pullet Coop!

The white Cochin, which we are hoping/thinking is a girl, has feathered out enormously!  If you don't look right at her, you can sometimes think she is a rabbit. :)

The Turkeys (not pictured) have also gotten huge, and were just transferred out back to their very own hoop house; thanksgiving dinners in the making! :P

So, that is what has been going on around here, lots of growing up and moving around.  :)  Hope you are all having an enjoyable and productive spring too!


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