Friday, May 24, 2013

The Gorgeous Spring Continues

Despite my absence from this blog, the year is flying by, and with it one of the most beautiful and dramatic seasons.  
Below are some pictures from Spring at our house.
Daffodils in the Glade.

The Daffodil Muse
A poetical Daffodil
Bleeding Hearts, and Violets
Creeping Phlox
A late Spring bouquet
Shirley Tulips
A glimpse in the window
Rainy day Tulips
Rembrandt Tulip
Beauty is all around us, every day!



Jennifer said...

The flowers are so beautifu! I wish I had flowers like that in my garden. God's creation is so beautiful!

(WIT 2012)

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank you Jennifer! You are so correct, I love photographing God's gorgeous creation.