Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In the Garden: Late Spring Update

Our garden plants have progressed a long way since the little spindly seedlings under a lamp. 

They grew, and grew, and graduated out to the porch.

Then, they grew, and grew some more and were promoted to the great outdoors in flats.

Out in the garden the plants we sowed directly in the ground were growing like weeds!  (and so are the weeds)

The radishes and green onions are harvestable, and so tasty with lunches.

The lettuce is doing wonderful as well!  We have had salads, and wraps as much as we liked.

There are a lot of bean plants growing, because we eat SO many green beans.  We are almost out of our canned beans.  Grow little bean plants, grow!

We have multitudes of Chives...everywhere!

Then there are the pole beans, grown on old gazebo corners.

And the pole beans grown on strings tied to bike wheels. :)

This year we are growing tomatoes on cattle panels.  We are trying all sorts of different things.

In fact seeing as this post should have been up about a week ago, things in the garden are even bigger than in the photos!  You should come visit and see!


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