Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Past Weekend in Review

This past weekend was quite a doozie!  So, I thought I would just share some pictures with you all.
Beginning Thursday, amid all our normal business, we began a garage sale and bake sale!  Also, Thursday evening Josiah and I began farm sitting for a friend, which made for a very full day!!

No, our Zucchini is not producing already (quite a few people asked me that) it was frozen from last year.  But, I will be continuing my bake sale through the summer, and using our very own fresh Zucchini, as well as selling some fresh veggies when they come on!

Thursday went rather well, for the bake sale particularly, but Friday.... Umm... cool, wet, gray, not the best day for a garage sale.   Also, on Friday Faith left with some friends to go volunteer at special camp, at Camp Living Waters, for a week.  So we are left Faithless....

On Saturday, I was busy documenting on camera the graduation of our friend and neighbor, Matthew Bryson.  The rest of the family made it down while some friends, who were selling items at our sale, watched it for us.
After the party was completed, I biked home, and we finished up the last leg of the garage sale.  Then, Josiah and I headed up to the farm we were watching to milk Honey, the cow, but to also.... go riding!!

Mojo, one of the beautiful horses we couldn't ride.

and Reno!!  The beautiful appaloosa mustang, which I was privileged to ride last year.

Chance, pretty jumpy chestnut, also on the no riding list.

Freckles the retired barrel racer, and Josiah.  Those two are quite a pair!

Reno and I.

The herd of horses!  
So, that was our weekend!  How was yours??


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