Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blueberries for the Sauve's

I don't know if any of you remember the book "Blueberries for Sal" but it was one of my childhood favorites, and it is what I always think of when the time comes to go blueberry picking!

Two years ago God blessed us abundantly by allowing us to hear of an organically grown u-pick blueberries not to far from us.  We contacted the owners and headed out to pick.  From that first picking has grown a wonderful friendship; we are so thankful for the Polk family in our lives!

So far this year we have been picking 3 times at Polk-around-Farm, sometimes with friends and some by ourselves.  But since we eat about half of the berries we pick, we are going to have to go a few more times before we have enough for the year!  That's just fine, we LOVE picking there!

{thank you to my friend Megan for posing for this picture :) }
Even if we were not friends with the Polks, I would have to say the this blueberry farm has the best customer service ever!  Mrs. Polk always comes and checks on how you are doing, if the blueberries are sweet and plentiful enough, and whether you need to empty your buckets!  And the girls are always ready to take you and your berries back up in their "gator" to the parking lot when you are finished.

We have decided that Blueberries are on of our favorite fruits to pick.  You don't have to stand on your head to pick them (strawberries), they aren't poky (raspberries)  they don't get dirty, and you don't have to top them (strawberries) and you don't have to break your neck or climb ladders to get to them (apples) and they are FULL of healthy vitamins for you!  It's not that we don't like other fruit ('cause boy do we!  Cannot wait for apple season!) It's just that we LOVE Blueberries!

Mainly we are freezing our blueberries (the ones that aren't eaten right away fresh) to use in Kefir smoothies, but some get made into jam, some are placed in muffins, pancakes, coffee cake, or clafouti, and the super fortunate ones get turned into Blueberry Jarmalade!! (which is the most amazing fruit spread EVER!).   

So, if any of you in the area need a place to pick, we know the spot!


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