Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrating Faith!

Early in the morning, one warm Fourth of July (early as in 4 AM), a second child was born to Paul and Cathy Sauve.  A blue eyed wispy blond haired girl, who was in such a hurry to enter the world that she was born unplanned and unexpectedly at home.....  and she hasn't slowed down ever since.
Faith is energetic, creative, talented, and visionary to the extreme.  We like to say she always sees things in black and white, no gray on the horizon. 
She has her own opinion on most things, and is not afraid to speak up. She is a leader, a go getter, a doer.

She is a care taker; she watches out for others.   She gardens, cooks, writes, plays, sings, quotes, whistles... lives with a passion.   She is passionate about what she believes, and in Whom she believes.  She is constantly striving to bring glory to her Maker, and Savior.

Happy Birthday Faith!!  May you continue to "grow," and learn, and walk, in the path God has chosen for you.


Included in Faith's many interests are horses, and specifically horse back riding.   We really don't have the opportunity to ride very often, so I decided to try my best to put together a time around her birthday when we could. 

God blessed exceedingly and we were able to coincide some pretty full schedules to go riding the day after her birthday with 2 very good friends!

Despite a little rough start, it was a delightful evening enjoying God's creation, the very best way... on horseback!    And hopefully it won't be the last.


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