Thursday, July 18, 2013


 This past Monday was Mom and Aunt Carmen's birthday, but for a reason unknown to them, we had to have their party on Saturday. 
 It was a warm day, so we gathered under the willow tree.  We were so happy to have so many people join us.  Grace and Julian were there (unfortunately Tim was working and couldn't come) Theresa (also missing her husband, as Josh was up at his summer military training) Aunt Carmen (the other birthday girl) and Uncle Tim, Uncle Paul and Aunt Lucy, and our Cousin Ben and his family!  Quite the group. 

While most of us girls were inside preparing the meal, the rest of the group was having fun in the shade, snacking, tossing grapes (yes the grape in the photo did make it into Ben's mouth; Julian was a good shot!) chatting...

 playing chess, and just enjoying each other's company.

Mom and Aunt Carmen were completely unaware, but our gathering was not complete, and the rest of us were on pins and needles awaiting the surprise late comers.

 They finally arrived. Mom, gasped, sputtered, questioned...

 Aunt Carmen screamed....

 when John and Mandi walked across the lawn to join us!!!!! :)

 Hugs all around!  It was the best surprise E.V.E.R!  Neither of the twins had any clue, despite some almost flubs on our part, and Mom was completely floored.  As she said "John, you're supposed to be in Texas!!"

 The beautiful, blessed Birthday girls!

It was sooo wonderful to have John and Mandi with us, and we had lots of fun.  :D 

As soon as the excitement in the air settled, we ate dinner, midst much conversation.

The fun thing about being a twin, is that you can sing Happy Birthday... to each other!! :) 

Blowing out the candles. 

It was a wonderful and memorable evening celebrating 120 full years of life.


The rest of the time with John and Mandi will be coming soon....


Kathleen Brandt said...

I did not know your mother was a twin.
What a wonderful family time and am glad to hear they were completely surprised. I know I was surprised by my children on my 75th birthday and it was so much fun. See you on Thursday.

Sauve Family Blog said...

Yes she is! The older of the 2 by 7 minutes :)
Hope to see you on Thursday as well!!