Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Evening

The evenings are already getting shorter but we still manage to fit plenty into them... or at least we try!!
The other day we came back from helping our Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren out in their garden, and were sent home with some zucchini.  Well, we knew what was for dinner - Summer stir-fry! 

 We absolutely love this summer garden mainstay, and it is SO flexible!  That day we had three different color of beans, (unfortunately the beautiful purple beans lose their color when cooked :(  Zucchini, Banana Peppers, Garlic, and LOTS and LOTS of butter!!

Mom's new kitchen clock :) 

The best accompaniment for stir-fry: beet greens and beets!  Also from Aunt Myrt. 

You cannot imagine how good beets are for you.  I would try to list all the vitamins that are in them, but I would run out of space so.... just eat beets!! 

Beet Greens, onions, fried in bacon fat!  Oh be still my heart!  More than delicious!!! 

Perfect mid-summer meal. 

After dinner I ran off to milk the cow we our "leasing".  Meet Miss Eleanor. 

Arriving back home, I discovered a hive of activity in the kitchen where Faith was as busy as a bee canning beans and Blueberry Jam! 

Beautiful Beans, I just wish they did not lose their color. 

Faith is our talented Canning Queen!

She also made dessert for us - creamy rice pudding with fresh blueberries.  Absolutely delicious!

So, there is a glimpse into our summer evenings!  I do hope you enjoyed it.  :)


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