Monday, November 11, 2013

Drivin' In..

 This is the saga of our vehicles, and their troubles.

It was early one morning about 4 weeks ago as I was driving to the barn where I work.  The sun had just risen as I glided along the back dirt roads.  I had just crested a hill and was less than 2 miles from my destination, when there was suddenly a deer in my headlights... literally.  I hit the deer and careened towards one side of the road, then in my panic over corrected sliding across the washboard gravel down a ditch through a dilapidated fence and into an old field.  When the Buick finally ceased it's reckless course, I took a deep breath, looked around me, and still slightly stunned drove over the fence, out of the field and back onto the road.  The deer had run off and I never saw it again. 
 The poor Buick so abused was missing his right turn signal (from the fence post)...

And the entire left headlight including part of the front quarter (from the deer I am assuming).

We called the insurance, and they came and towed away our poor Florida car, as we watched not sure if we would ever see it again. (okay we really weren't that emotional about it at all.. :P) As it turns out we ended up asking for the car back and deciding to sell it ourselves.  Which surprisingly enough we did within a week, to a neighbor of ours.  So now we were searching for a replacement.

 We finally settled on this silver Montana mini-van which was quickly name "silver bullet" or just bullet for short.  We slowly began to get used to it's idiosyncrasies, and to enjoy having the little extra space it provided.
 Soon after Josiah was able to purchase his first vehicle.  Our Uncle Warren's awesome, baby blue, F250 Ford pickup Truck.

 His stick shift 1982 truck to be exact...  Uhuh, it speedily received the nickname the "Blue BEAST", and Josiah was the very happy to be able to learn to drive a stick shift and consequentially drive his own truck to work.  It was after we got the truck when we decided to take the "bullet" to our mechanic for a quick check up and to fix a few things.  When he called to let us know it was done we took the "BEAST" up to switch and do a tune up.  Well, on the way home (last Wednesday evening, exactly 3 weeks since I hit my deer) with the "bullet" in the dark, Dad and Josiah hit a button buck and sent it flying....

 ... and busted the headlight on our "new-to-us" mini-van....

 The deer was mortally wounded so they called the police who came and gave them the tag for it so they could take it home.  They decided it was so small that it wasn't worth taking to a processor so in the middle of preparing for the apple party we were hosting on Saturday (more on that to come) we thought it would be the perfect time to learn how to process our own deer!!

Friday afternoon Josiah and Faith set to, inbetween cleaning the garage and baking pies.  They really did a neat job of it, and were done in around 2 hours.  

Josiah decided he wanted to make a rug out of the deer, and so skinned the head and all and on the spur of the moment used it for a cape! :P  (don't worry he is wearing a baseball cap underneath the skin.)

Then Sadie had to try it on....  "Look a deer in our living-room!!"

So that is the saga of the vehicles and there "deer" enemies at Lily Spring Farm and Garden... hopefully there will not be any more exciting episodes anytime soon!


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