Saturday, November 09, 2013

Homemade Saturday: Apple Chips

Today we are hosting an Apple Party in honor of the accomplishments and future aspirations of the youngest in the family: Josiah T. Sauve.

What that means is all this past week we have been baking, making, chopping, cooking, all sorts of delicious foods.  All including apples!

This particular "dish" we have made a batch of each day.  It is super simple, healthy, absolutely tasty... the perfect snack for anytime.  We were first introduced to the idea by our dear friend Mrs. Ostrander from our church, and we have been making them ever since!

Apple Chips:

First select 4-5 apples.  Macintosh works well for this, (others too, but this is what we used) Core the apples then slice THINLY!  This is important, you don't want them paper thin, but if they are to thick they won't crisp properly. Lay your apple slices on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  Make sure your apples don't touch the pan... they'll never come off!

Mix together some cinnamon and little bit of sugar, and sprinkle over slices. 

 ...As thickly as you like :P

Now comes the waiting part.  Slip your pans into a 200 degree oven, and leave them there.......

....for 5 hours!! :)

Then, turn off the oven open the door a crack and leave them in for another hour!

Now they are ready to be consumed.

Or you could put them in jars for later.. :)  But I am afraid it is doubtful that will happen after you taste one. 

Ta ta for now!  I am off to make all sorts of other apple treats!


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