Monday, March 10, 2014

He came

It is rather ridiculous really, how worked up grown, rational thinking, (at least most of the time) mature adults can get over the arrival of a bird.  A bird, who is so full of himself it is surprising he stays on the branch he had selected to settle himself upon while he announces vociferously of his advent. But worked up we were, voices escalated, shouts were heard, feet pounded, cameras were fumbled for, all to try to capture a look at the little black bird perched on the top most branch of our Maple Tree.

Yes, the Red-Wing Blackbird does cause quite the stir at our house upon our first sighting of him. But while we do love the birds themselves, with their gaudy yet cheerful red and yellow epaulets, and their raucous but harmonious Oak-a-lee, the real reason for our excitement is what the bird means to us.  The Harbinger of Spring they have been called, more so then the Robin who tends to be more fickle and will sometimes be spotted in the middle of winter, for once the you hear the call of the Red-Wing Blackbird you know that Spring cannot be to far in the distance.  Therefore it has become an event at our house which is noted and recorded for further years.

In other news... the daffodils are popping up!!


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