Friday, March 07, 2014

Making the Best of It!

When the weather outside is frightful, and there is no fire inside that is delightful, and outside is covered with snow..... Instead of sitting around and complaining, make the best of it! 

We have been scraping the deck off as much as possible, and since we have run out of places to dump it, have, rather on accident, made a sledding hill.  It has been there off and on during the winter, and we have quite ignored it... being rather tired of winter and snow and all.

But one afternoon we decided to take advantage of the sledding hill, and make the best of it!

Our Mountain out front is shrinking now; at it's peak it was taller than Josiah!!

This past week we took a journey over to Port Huron, to see the ice on the lake while it is still there.  We stopped at Aunt Myrt's house to help her with a few things and have a delightful lunch with her, before meeting Aunt Carmen at Lighthouse park right where the river flows out of the lake.

It was an immense expanse of white grandeur.

We climbed out a little on to the icy piles, but some of the "adults" were a little nervous about us falling into pitfalls and such, so we came back to shore and surveyed the landscape from its safety.

The wind was rather cutting out there by the lake and after a good long look about, we trudged back to our vehicles and headed down river to see if there was any more ice to see.  There wasn't... but there were ducks!!

And they were adorable!

It was a lovely day, and we did enjoy the beauty despite of the cold, and have decided as long as this winter lasts to make the best of it!


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