Friday, April 25, 2014

Abounding with Baby Fowl: Part 1

It has begun - the chick explosion at Lily Spring Farm.  It started with an incubator full of eggs from our various flocks.  

On April 18th, they began to hatch, and kept us in excited anticipation for the next couple days.

The second chick to hatch, still brand new and floppy.

{A collection of chicks}

The very first chick hatched was a beautiful Blue Barred Rock.

{Sadie and her babies}

Aimee's little baby with the first of the daffodils.

Spring time! :)

{Just daffy! :) }

Some of the chicks we hatched went out to Winona who had just happened to go broody at the right time!  Now she is a happy clucking mother running about with a passel of chicks.

So, there is the start to our spring chick adventures... much, much more to come! 


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