Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Sprinter" The Meshing of Seasons

The change in-between two drastic seasons have come to be my favorite times of year.  Both Spring and Fall hold that mystery, that tantalizing shifting, not only of temperature, but of the whole atmosphere, and I am so glad that God ordained these delightful gentle changes in our year.  But, I must admit that sometimes the transformation isn't quite as smooth as I (in my "all knowing" finite wisdom..) would like.  This past week would be a prime example.  The air was almost sultry on Sunday, reaching the mid 70s and we enjoyed it immensely, spending the afternoon after church services outside as much as possible enjoying God's marvelous creation. Monday, while a little cooler and less brilliant, brought the joy of seeing my darling daffodils bloom!  Each new spring flower brings their own distinct joy after the bareness of winter, and these golden, laughing, sprightly beings are one of my favorites!

But upon hearing the weather forecast for that night and the next few days I worried for the survival of  my cheerful sunny blooms.  So I snipped off the ones already opened, who ran the greatest risk of danger to their exposed delicate petals, and in so doing brought some of the joy indoor for our enjoyment!

Sure enough the next morning we woke up to a white blanket.  Faith exclaimed that it was funny how fast you forgot what snow looked like! :)

With the right attitude you could almost say the snow was pretty.  I mean we thought it was downright lovely back in November, why should we be so fickle as to have such harsh thoughts of it a few months down the road?

 Inside my rescued Daffodils smiled at us next to our glass chicken, singing a "cheer-up!" at anyone who gave them a glance.  Outdoors, their friends were not quite as fortunate, but something of the cheery, brave disposition still remained.

"This won't last" the little buds seemed to proclaim, "Why there is an April snow nearly every year; it's refreshing!"  And one nodding golden-green bud sang out "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

Well, sure enough they were right!  Because today, is tomorrow (please don't think about that one too long) and the sun is indeed out, and the flowers are welcoming it with happy smiles.  
You know, I read once that as children of the King we should always wear smiles, because we know how things are going to end, and know that the trials (big and little) in our lives, are not the ending, but rather a step towards it.  I think that we should translate the big picture down to our little bit of "Sprinter" and be happy and grateful, knowing that, as God is in control and plans the seasons, a bit of snow and cold isn't the end of the world, and we should smile through it, always knowing the sun is still shining just above that bank of foreboding clouds.


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