Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A Bright Interruption

 We interrupt these posts of consecutive long past events to bring you a recent sunset... 
I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did!

The sun is such a magnificent part of God's incredible creation. It's dangerous, yet needed. Without it we couldn't live here, and God in his infinite wisdom placed us at just the right distance from it, so we could do just that. Live on this planet Earth.

The sun though, as with most things God created, isn't purely useful. It's beautiful. God is a person of beauty, and I believe He created us to appreciate, emulate and live out that beauty, especially as he expresses Himself in Creation. And the sun, when it touches things with it's warm glow, can make them look more beautiful, or really, make us appreciate the true beauty of them. And the sun does that most poignantly when it is setting, slipping out of view beneath the horizon, yet highlighting the beauty of the world it is leaving behind. 
We should do the same. 

I recently heard someone rant about people raving about sunsets and how the colors were simply an optical illusion; that they weren't even really there. And how this person didn't understand, and was slightly frustrated with people who would "lose their minds" over a simple optical illusion.  Well, I really don't know the whole scientific explanation behind it. And maybe I'm simple and naive, and like to pretend that it's actually God (or maybe angels) that paint the sunsets. 

But if that is true, that it is really an optical illusion.. Wow. I'm speechless, and all the more stunned! If the colors really aren't there, I am all the more in awe and astounded at my God, that not only does He cause the sun's rays to hit off the clouds as it's setting in such a way to reflect off them to our eyes.. but that He somehow created our eyes to receive that and translate it into awe dropping beautiful masterpieces of color?!?! 

Either way. That's something worth "losing my mind" over.

The Evening is such a lovely time (I might just prefer the 1/2 an hour right before dawn,,, but it's close) There's something peaceful, tranquil and reflective about it, if only we let ourselves feel it. If we stop and breathe for a second and let ourselves realize what's happening, the setting sun might just  let us glance back at the day, and help remind us to finish well. No matter what's gone before. 

It also has Biblical significance, this "cool of the day". It's when God walked with Adam and Eve in Eden. We might not live in Eden, and our world might be fallen, yet there still are little pearls of order and beauty to grasp. 

 We might be busy, and might not have the time to spend a half an hour wandering the woods watching the sun set like I did (for the first time in months!) but we can take a moment, and we can think, and commune while we are busy. We may not even have a woods to seek refuge in, the sun can be just as good of a reminder reflecting in our rearview mirror. And truly just as breathtaking. 
So let the sun remind you to finish well, and walk with God, as your day sets.

There. This reflective interruption is over! We will return to your normal programming of the past happenings/catch up of the Sauve's and their Liberty Oak Farm as soon as possible!

I hope you all are enjoying this lovely milder weather!

God bless!


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