Monday, December 07, 2015

Banbury Happenings

I'm gonna jump back a few weeks chronologically from the last post and share some of the fun events Faith and I helped out with at Banbury, the therapeutic Horse barn we volunteer and work at.  In August, Banbury has a Day camp for three days which is, oh so much fun!

Each day includes a rotation of Horse back riding, Crafts, Barn management, a fun group game, and everyone's favorite time - Special guests!

Each day the 45 min riding time is different and fun. If it was nice outside we went on lovely trail rides, and on the rainy days we did fun horse back games and obstacle courses in the indoor arena.

On Monday the special guest were my ducklings! They were around 3 days old, the perfect age, cuddly, sweet, adorable. The "campers" and staff/volunteers alike loved holding them, and we also got to let them swim around in a horse trough to show off!!

Marcia, one of our amazing co-volunteers, does a fabulous job with crafts every year! This year we had decorated frames (with a photo of them with their horse in it!) boxes, decorated pots with flowers in them, and much more!

For the second day our Golden Retriever, Miss Shine, came to visit! Shine lived at Banbury with Grace when Grace was the Barn manager there, so a lot of the campers knew and loved her and were so happy to see her again! Shine's birthday was the following Monday, so everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and colored "birthday cards" for her! :)

On one of the days the activity, after doing a fabulous job sweeping the barn floors, was getting to color whatever the wanted with chalk on the floor. There were some pretty wonderful pieces of artwork decorating the floor!

The last days special guests definitely took the cake!!! And were the favorite. Our friends the Thompson's brought their Husky puppies. So much cuteness! I think the volunteers were just as thrilled as the campers to get to play with puppies.

So another fun Banbury Day Camp in the books!! 

The next activity at Banbury was the annual Horse show.
This year the theme was the Detroit Tigers.  It was a warm wonderful day! At the Horse Show the riders get to show off their accomplishments to their family and friends. They each get a trophy and a ribbon, and it's such an exciting day for all involved. 

And there you have it. I think I have concluded with August happenings now! On to September!!!! We're going to get there! :)


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